We are building a partnership management platform to help businesses effectively collaborate with partners and clients. The name “Expandable” reflected the idea that companies can expand their services and offerings and grow their network. It was a good choice, until today. 😊

Our product and features evolved exponentially and we needed a non-traditional, recognizable name, which is unique, short, and evokes a positive feeling.

Please meet Yeymo.com

The name is composed of two syllables — Yey and mo — and each one of them has its own meaning. “Yey” is an alternative spelling of yay, an expression of a great excitement. “Mo” in Italian is another way to say “now”, and was widely used by Dante in his works.

The logo

Expandable is now Yeymo

The logo design is also enrooted in the brand philosophy. The smooth lines and positive colors represent the ease and comfort one may experience using Yeymo, while the crossing and flip of the letter allude to all the different industry fields converging to collaborate in a single spot.

Website & apps

Our main priority was to provide a clear visual explanation of how Yeymo would help you improve your workflows and business communication. We removed all unnecessary elements and information, and created a video flow, which guides you through the app’s features as you scroll down the page.

Expandable is now Yeymo

Our web, iOS and Android apps were updated as well, not only visually, but functionally. The improved feature set provides the tools a company might need to successfully manage business relationships and projects.

We are very excited to hear your feedback, so please visit https://yeymo.com.