Feral Horses is an online platform for co-ownership of Art. On the website, art lovers have the possibility to buy shares of museum-worthy artworks directly from artists, galleries and private collectors. What they are essentially building is a tool to make the art world way more inclusive and transparent.

When the artworks are sold on the platform, Feral Horses manages the physical assets and loan them out to museums and art institutions so that the artworks can gain visibility and prestige, and at the same time the public has the opportunity to actually see them.

“At Feral Horses, we strongly believe that if everyone owned a bit of art, if the ownership of the masterpieces was decentralised, the art market would be economically healthier, art would play a bigger role in society and the world would be richer in culture”, says Eduard Steimle, Head of Growth at Feral Horses.

It’s all about partnerships as they (and we) say

“Yeymo has been a great discovery for us. Personally speaking, as I lead the Growth team at Feral Horses and therefore deal with partnerships to acquire new users, I find Yeymo a great tool for working with external partners.”, says Eduard.

“There are many other tools to manage internal communication and projects, but Yeymo is great for external collaboration with professionals I work with, but are not part of Feral Horses.

“Yeymo optimizes the partnership workflow like no other tool out there and is a great addition to my overall stack of tools for growth.”

Through Yeymo, the whole workflow with external partners is way more efficient and less chaotic. Instead of organising the workflow through hundreds of emails and calls, everything can be done on the Yeymo platform: set deadlines, assign tasks and send messages.”, adds Eduard.

Another very important fact that made Feral Horses choose Yeymo is its ease-of-use and basically no learning curve. “This is very important for me as my partners need to be able to understand the product very easily and in a limited amount of time.

“With Yeymo I can replicate the internal workflow and efficiency and apply them externally when collaborating with professionals who are not part of our team.”

Also, through Yeymo, I am able to plan the workflow with my partners following the Scrum Agile methodology, which we use at Feral Horses for business teams as well. Without Yeymo, I wouldn’t be able to organise work sprints with my partners.”, the Feral Horses’ Head of Growth concludes.

For great insights on art ownership, please follow Feral Horses’ blog here.

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