Swept up by GoT’s final season fever, it made us think what would and could have been, had the likes of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister been given the chance to prepare for the ultimate battle in a more, ahem, sophisticated way.

In other words — instead of sending ravens (or something way more drastic — a cut off head in a box, for example) to get their message delivered to their allies, people across the Seven Kingdoms could have taken advantage of the Yeymo platform.

After all, it’s all about partnerships.😉 It would have saved them so much time and energy (not to mention all the blood that would not have been spilled).

Drag(on) and Drop

Game of Thrones and Tasks

Let’s imagine just for a second Jon and his queen-aunt-lover-rival-for-the-throne Daenerys had access to our services. Their top priority project would be called ‘How to stop the Night King and his White Walkers’, with a tailor-made feature Drag(on) and Drop exclusively available to the Mother of Dragons, so that she could make the most of her files.

Game of Thrones and Tasks

Right at the start of the project Jon and Daenerys would outsource some of the job to the wildlings whose strengths Jon knows quite well from a task they’ve previously worked together on. Then comes the networking — sometimes in order to achieve your goals you have to work with the best partners out there no matter what…

Game of Thrones and Tasks

That would be the case with Daenerys inviting Cersei Lannister to join their project. Despite teaming up with House Targaryen, Cersei would keep an eye on her personal tasks, including ‘Let all of my enemies kill each other, so that I will continue sitting on the Iron Throne’ and ‘Winter is here — what do I buy this traitor Jaime for Christmas 🎄? A poisoned scarf maybe?’.

Main project’s due date: next winter (or approximately in a few hundred years). Wait… you don’t have so much time at your disposal? Then make sure you check out all our brilliant features today and let the Game of Tasks begin!