Recently, I watched an interview with Jeff Bezos where he mentioned that one of the things users liked the most about Amozon was the fact they were able to go back and see their entire purchasing history.

By the time I watched that interview, we at Expandable already started to build our Notes feature, which would allow meeting participants to take and share notes from within the video call page.

You would ask what our Notes feature has to do with Amazon’s purchasing history. While on Amazon users can look back at their purchases, on Expandable they can look back at all meetings and events, browse notes and check what decisions have been made at each event.

Quick access to the feature

We’ve decided to integrate Notes feature into the meeting page so you can take notes and save them without leaving the video conference.

Launching Notes

Keep notes private or share them with meeting participants

Expandable is a business collaboration platform and members should have an option to share their notes with teammates and partners.

Launching Notes

Share with all project members

Want to share meeting’s outcome with everyone? No problem. You can post your notes in the item thread, so all project members have access to them.

Launching Notes

Notes + Calendar

We believe that with the launch of Notes we also make the Calendar way more meaningful and effective.

We are used to check Calendar mostly when we need to schedule a meeting or check upcoming events’ dates. By introducing Notes, we give past event the (almost) same importance that’s given to new ones. Users can go back as far as they want, browse all past events, and check what’s been decided at each of them.

Launching Notes

Please check Notes and send us your feedback: