Timely-delivered project status reports are critical, and it seems everyone’s asking for them — top management, team leaders, clients, and even that guy in the recreational area you never talked to before.

Internally, project status reports create accountability, while for clients and partners they provide value and confidence.

Failing to deliver on time could harm any company — a big one might compromise its credibility, while a smaller agency or startup could even lose the client.

How it’s done today

  1. Prepare a template, which nobody likes and wants to update.
  2. Set up a recurring meeting, where rarely all stakeholders participate.
  3. Join meetings that last forever… they just do. 🤪

The solution

Dashboards are the preferred solution both for top management (internally), and customers and clients (externally). Yeymo’s project dashboards are the perfect solution to check project’s health, including members’ performance, team velocity, important milestones and upcoming events, and issues that could affect delivery.

Thanks to the automated dashboards, project managers and all internal and external stakeholders can focus on what matter the most — the successful delivery of the project.

No more status update meetings

The experience economy

With the rise of the experience economy, companies need to prioritize employee experience more than ever, and proving the right tools is just the first step in making their life easier. According to Accenture, employers with a great employee experience outperform the S&P 500 Index by 122%.

Modern companies embrace new tools and technologies and are much faster in adopting them, as they strive to create the best possible experience for their customers. Be a modern company.