When we first launched Yeymo, we wanted to make sure that we provide the must-have functionalities for a small-to-medium company to successfully manage their external collaboration. Our v1 included a project management tool, chat and videoconferencing, and meeting/calendar functionality.

In the past 24 months thousands of companies have signed up to open an account with Yeymo, ranging from a 5-person creative agency to teams at Fortune top 10 behemoths. They don’t have much in common, right? That’s true, but what’s also valid for all of them is that they are constantly looking for new products and tools that would make their work more efficient.

Today, we’re excited to announce Yeymo’s role management functionality that’s part of the brand-new Organizations feature. As an Owner of an organization in Yeymo, it’s important that you have full permissions to assign and remove admins and project members.

One login, multiple organizations

Admin’s permissions give rights to:

  • Access all projects in the organization
  • Assign permissions to all organization members
  • Switch 3rd party integrations on and off
  • Be part of every project in the organization

Project manager can:

  • Create projects
  • Manage project members
  • Manage project specific integrations

Yeymo is becoming a complete digital workspace for organizations that value partner collaboration and make sure visibility extends beyond the teams within the organization. With the introduction of role management, we give organization owners, admins and project managers better control, especially when it comes to share projects and initiatives.