Expandable is designed to help all teams, big and small, improve their business collaboration. Along with our already large set of features — project and task management, video calls, private and public messaging channels, in-meeting notes, calendar, network management, smart search, and project labels — we are proud to announce the release of dashboards.

Personal dashboard

The personal dashboard gives you a complete overview of projects, items and tasks status, and notifies you of upcoming due dates and events. With a single click you can check new teammates and partners who’ve joined your network. Just select a period (week, month, year… or a custom one 😊) and you will see all the information about your performance for the selected time range updated in a second.

The most complete business collaboration platform

Project dashboard

The project dashboard is the one that provides critical information to all project members. It shows what’s the engagement of the team for a specific period, displays warnings about any problems or delays, highlights progress and informs you about all recent activity in the project. Most importantly, everything is updated in real-time.

The most complete business collaboration platform

Your feedback

We would like to thank our customers who never hesitate to send us their feedback. We look forward to hear your thought about the dashboards. 😊

Big news coming

This month (January, 2019) there will be some big news. Stay tuned! 🚀

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