“Full transparent collaboration between the agency and the client should be ensured at every stage of the project. Initial alignment and effective communication along the way are critical for the success of the project.”, this is what one of our customers told us when we showed them a demo of the beta version of Yeymo.

We’ve listened to their (and everyone else’s) feedback, and we’ve built the necessary features a creative agency might need to collaborate with clients and partners.

Many of the creative agencies use between 7 and 10 different tools to manage communication (internal and external) and work on clients’ projects. In their stack you’ll find Skype and Zoom for video conferencing, Slack for messaging, Trello and Asana for project management, Evernote for note taking, Dropbox for file sharing.

Yeymo is a collaboration hub, offering all of the above-mentioned features, and a bunch of others. 😁

In case you would like to give it a try and join the other 200+ creative agencies that use Yeymo, sign up here: https://app.yeymo.com/register.