Successful startups are built around great team and passion, hyper-growth businesses add one more ingredient to the recipe — partnerships. Fintech companies are no exception.

Let’s explore what challenges a digital payments company faces when it comes to collaborating with external stakeholders:

  1. Manage a number of ongoing projects with merchants, agencies (i.e. advertising/marketing), resellers, 3rd party technology providers, card manufacturers, identity verification services.
  2. Track, access and share important files and documents with both colleagues and partners.
  3. Communicate securely within and outside the organization.
  4. Give your team, the management, and external stakeholders access to data about personal and project performance.
  5. Have all project data in a single place, easily accessible when you are in the office or on the go.

Company’s culture is the key for successful collaboration, but a robust partnership management tool designed to serve your team (and not vice-versa) can really help you create fruitful, long-lasting partnerships.

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